Live Patient Implant Course







This course is limited to 12 dentists and we want you to be one of them. The course is for those dentists who really want to take the steps to mastering implant placement.

In this rigorous 3-day training experience, an expert implantologist will hold your hand as you place unlimited mini and rootform implants on live patients and thus, help you remove the “fear factor” of placing implants. You will learn implant surgical protocols, prosthetic flap and flapless techniques, bone grafting, membrane placement and sinus lift procedures. In addition, you will treatment plan and participate in group discussions on how to manage unexpected challenges that arise while placing implants.

•  Mini (SDI) implant placement

•  Root-form implant placement

•  Bone grafting

•  Membrane placement

•  Ideal ridge creation

•  Sinus lifts

•  Expert guidance

•  Advanced digital radiography and case planning

•  Close supervision by dental implant experts

•  State-of-the-art

•  Located in the resort city of Puerto Vallarta

•  Limited to 12 doctors

The group arrives in Puerto Vallarta on a Wednesday, trains at the clinic Thursday, Friday and Saturday and returns to the US Sunday.

To register for the Mexico Live-Patient Implant Course, call (888) 271-7774.











“Since attending the first Mexico implant course 5 years ago, I have added an average of $55,000 / month ($600,000 / year) to my practice in implant related services.”

Dr. Steven Cutbirth, Waco, TX

“The Mexico course was like getting your driver’s license then getting into a NASCAR and going from 0 to 500 miles an hour! There were people there to help you – there was absolutely no way to screw it up. I was not placing implants before the Mexico implant course. Since then, I have added $25,000 / month ($300,000 / year) to my bottom line through implants.”

Dr. Eric Bess, Plano, TX

"You can watch a million videos on implants. You can watch someone do it live. But until you do it, it’s not the same."

Dr. Richard Ratcliff, Arlington TX

"I feel like I can go back to my office and start to place implants now. Something I did not have the confidence to do before."

Dr. Don Lanning, Argyle TX

"It was awesome! I placed 10 implants. At first I was afraid, then I just said ok, let’s do it!"

Dr. Ana Maldonado, San Antonio TX

"The experience at the clinic was a quantum leap. Now, when I’m back at the office, I know much better than a text book. It’s all the difference in the world to have worked on live patients."

Dr. David Neal, Iowa Park  TX

"There’s just that "pucker factor" about surgery. Working on live patients pushed me outside my comfort zone and got me into implant dentistry."

Dr. Paul Lonquist, Farmers Branch TX

"Puerto Vallarta is a great place. I felt-  apprehension and all – completely safe. The clinic is the nicest office I’ve ever been in, even in the United States. The staff treats the patients with utmost respect. It’s all about quality dentistry."

Dr. Bill Gray, Sherman TX

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