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Restoration of Complex Dental Cases

Friday Sep 27th & Saturday Sep 28th, 2019

Cost: $600. 

16 CE hours for 2-day course. 


What you will learn:

  • Treatment planning the most complex cases, including severe wear
    Sequence of restoration

  • When and how to increase vertical dimension

  • How to attain space and retention for restorations in severe wear cases

  • How to restore ideal incisal planes, occlusal planes, vertical dimension, esthetics and function

  • How to create ideal function

  • Long term maintenance

  • Soft tissue, facial muscle and TMJ health during and following complex restorations

  • Examination/consultation

  • Effective patient communication so they proceed with needed complex restoration

  • Case cost analysis/financing

  • Literature review of pertinent articles

Additional discussion will be had on increasing vertical dimension and restoring complex/comprehensive cases. Participants will combine what they have learned in the prior 3 courses and discuss how to predictably restore these difficult cases, as well as how to avoid problems, how to effectively plan treatment sequencing, pricing and technical fine points.

Participants will discuss anterior and posterior implants in detail, including terminology, the specific parts of the implant process, techniques and how to most effectively work with an implant surgeon and dental implant laboratory.


Course Details: 

Course will be held on the ground floor of: 
City Place Conference Center
2711 N. Haskell 
Dallas, TX 75204

Registration and breakfast at 7:30, course begins at 8:00. Seated lunch from 12:00 to 1:00. Course ends at 5:00.
Both recommended hotels are on the DART Rail with access from near the hotel to the basement of City Place. 

Mariott Hotel
650 Pearl St. 

Dallas, TX 75201

Canvas Hotel

1325 S. Lamar St. 
Dallas, TX 75215

Dr. Steven T. Cutbirth Bio: 

Dr. Cutbirth practices restorative dentistry ( in Waco, Texas and is director of the Center for Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry (CARD – in Dallas, a hands-on, complex restorative teaching center for practicing dentists. He graduated from Baylor Dental College in 1979, then completed a two year oral surgery fellowship at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, TX. Dr. Cutbirth has lectured and published extensively on the topics of 1) systematic restoration of the severely worn dentition with vertical dimension increase, 2) diagnosis and treatment of occlusal problems and facial pain, 3) complex aesthetic restorative dentistry, 4) ridge modification and bone grafting for small diameter implant utilization and 5) the most effective / productive dental practice system. He can be reached at 254-772-5420 or via email at

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